Event & Function Services

Running your own event may seem easy, you might have even done it before! Consider though - how much time away from work does it take to get it all sorted the way you want it? And then what amount of productivity are you loosing from having staff focus on the event, rather than their usual work? Let us get your event all sorted, quickly and easily - and more cost effective in the long run. 

Event management and coordination

Celebrations, launches, promotions, festivals, live shows, training and seminars, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, gala dinners, awards, fundraisers and more. From start to finish, with everything included - working from your vision - we will bring you all of this and more (we can even help you create or define that vision).  Plus, we have partnerships with a variety of local companies enabling us to get the most out of your event.

Event consultation

Decided you want to coordinate or manage your event yourself? We can help you make sure you have all aspects covered, nothing if left out and it's all sorted.

Event or function staff

For all types of events, we have staff on hand to cover everything - including: Bar and Wait staff, Front of House staff, RSA Managers, Event Managers and Room Managers. We even have a pool of MCs, performers, musicians and more.

Event setup & packdown

Why rush around trying to setup your event when you need to get yourself ready as it is! Leave it up to Its All Sorted to bring your vision into reality. Provide the brief and we will get it all sorted.

Project Management

Something else we are naturally good at, and weirdly love doing. Let us take the stress out of managing that project for you.

Show Production and Room Management

Hosting a live show? Its All Sorted is experienced in providing clients, and their audiences, with unforgettable live shows.

Web presences

Need to get your business online? Choose from the variety of options the internet provides and let us get it all sorted for you.