Corporate Client

Corporate Client

I’m proud to be involved with you and your events. Geraldton needs more people like you!  I thought the event was run very well, and as a parent, I was very pleased with the variety of activities & displays on offer. My kids and I had a great time. Good job! - Rosco, event attendee

As a person who participates in many events through our family business and through my volunteer work, I have nothing but fabulous things to say about the WA Day event. The communication prior to the event was clear and concise. I understood what I needed to do. On the day, I had forgotten my map to know where I was meant to set-up but was able to quickly find someone who was able to assist. I felt the space outside the museum was really well used where there was enough space for the stalls but also attracted people to hang around....there  was plenty of activity for the parents and children so they weren't bored. It was a good choice of entertainment. I usually feel that there aren't enough entertainers that engage the smaller children at the event and was very glad to see the use of Fairy Deb who added that spark of life and engaged the little ones. It is so nice to see the wide variety of stalls that people in the community are spending time to put together... very vibrant! All in all, a wonderful day! Thank you for inviting Toy Library. Well done to everyone on the organising committee! - Sylvia, Geraldton Toy Library

A huge congratulations to you and your team - the event was great, we had an amazing time and the crowd absolutely loved it!  On behalf of the GGSES I'd like to thank you for the invitation to participate in the event. Not only was it a much needed opportunity for our unit to increase public exposure but a valuable training experience for the team. Personally - it was a great learning experience for myself in terms of the preparation and planning required to participate in such an event involving the public. I sincerely hope that this event continues to grow and expand in the coming years! The Team and I hope that we may again have the opportunity to be apart of WA Day next year! In terms of feedback, I believe the general consensus amongst the team was extremely positive. From our perspective, everything ran smoothly, and yourself and the WA Museum staff were equally as patient and accommodating to us in the lead up to the day. Many thanks again, we hope to be working with you again soon! - Diana, Geraldton Greenough SES

You guys did an amazing job, especially organising the vendors and exhibits on the day. I've been to events where I have been moved twice before someone decides where I should be but WA Day just went smoothly, great job and very proud to be involved. - Kerry, Geraldton Coffee Van


Thank you It's All Sorted! I had a stall at the recent Ladies Indulgence Evening and loved it. I was constantly notified with details we needed to know prior to the night. I never once felt 'out of the loop'. Your professionalism and prompt response time is a credit to your company and I am looking forward to your upcoming Christmas Bonanza and future events. Geraldton is very lucky to have you!! Thanks again Emma and Team. :) - Grady Smith - Grady's Soy Candles

The It's All Sorted team provided excellent communication and organisation during the preparation for the event. I love their enthusiasm and professionalism during the event and would highly recommend their services. - Lizzy, small business owner

We love everything about Its All Sorted. Fun, professional, energetic, enthusiastic, committed. - Lenci, Geraldton Dog Rescue

Thank-you for the professional and helpful service. - Penny, small business owner


It's my first time participating in an It's all sorted event and I found it to be a great experience! Not only on the day but the wonderful organisers too, a fabulous way to get your business name out there and help the local community at the same time! Thanks - Annie, Girl in her Shed

Fantastic customer service, the ladies were all helpful, vibrant and you could tell they loved their job. Well organised Christmas Market. Highly recommend. - Belladonna, small business owner

Variety WA Midwest are proud to be in assocaition with It's All Sorted as the beneficiary of the annual Christmas Bonanza.  Emma, Amy & their team at It's All Sorted are friendly, easy to work with and always professional. They have the event and their beneficiary's best interests at heart at all times. We thank It's All Sorted for their continued support of Variety WA Midwest branch and enabling us to empowering Midwest kids to Live, Laugh & Learn. - Jane, Variety WA - Midwest Geraldton

I had a stall at the Bonanza markets. Great organising by Its All Sorted, fantastic raffle prizes and subsequent money raised for a good cause. Well done - Kylie

I took my business to the Christmas Bonanza that It's All Sorted organised. The ladies did such an amazing job organising the event and getting people there on the day. Highly recommend their services. Well done. - Small business :. Small business

Its All Sorted did an awesome job handling a number of events as part of the Goodness Festival. Would recommend Emma & the team to anyone! - Member of publicMembr of public

(now anonymous)

I have been to all three of the events in the "Attended" example. Every event they have organised has been awesome, not only helping home businesses & community groups but also fundraising for charity organisations. I have always felt a sense of "community" when attending one of "It's All Sorted" events. - Patron

Its All Sorted is the perfect fit for our business. As an arts business we deal with something different everyday. Its because I know that we have the support of our contractors Its All Sorted and in particular Emma Howell working in house producing all of our regional performances that operate around WA that I have the confidence to expand and grow. Emma Howell and the team are such a part of our business that we would not operate without them at the same capacity that we do. Our business success is credited to Its All Sorted ability to work hard and effectively. - The Comedy Emporium (Contractor)

Women's Health Resource Centre were fortunate to be provided with the opportunity to be a recipient of a Ladies Indulgence Event. The event raised funds were at the time much needed to keep our free Pap smear clinic operational. The organisation of this event by the staff of It’s All Sorted was exceptional and despite challenges with venue availability, they were able to hold a successful, well attended event. It’s All Sorted are to be commended on their excellent teamwork and leadership by this group of young talented women. - Women's Health Resource Centre (Community Event Beneficiary)

I have attended multiple Its All Sorted events as an exhibitor as well as a patron. I have always found the Its All Sorted team to be super professional and approachable. They do everything they can to ensure that all exhibitors are happy with what they have been supplied for the event and as a Patron it is great to be a part of such an well put together event. Its so fantastic to see a team of people so enthusiastic about raising funds for their local community. I love attending these events and i would love to see them continue into the future. - Exhibitor

Its All Sorted have organised and run the Midwest Pet Fair over the last three years with all proceeds going to Geraldton Dog Rescue. During this time close to $14000.00 has been raised. It is clearly the major fundraising event for GDR. The event was developed by Emma and Its All Sorted and is run by Its All Sorted and GDR Volunteers. It is the only event of its kind in the Midwest. - Geraldton Dog Rescue (Community Event Beneficiary)

Professional well organised team creating interesting events which bring local businesses together. - Patron

Attending events held by Its All Sorted is always a pleasure. Straight away upon entering an event (be it the Christmas Bonanza, the Midwest Pet Fair or the Wedding Showcase) you get the impression that a lot of work, time and organisation has gone into it. It is lovely to see all the home based and small business that the Midwest has to offer in one place. Thankyou for organising these events and giving everybody access to business we wouldnt otherwise know about! - Patron

I could not recommend this business highly enough. Not only are they dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible for charity, they are all very professional and lovely when it comes to dealing with the exhibitors. It's All Sorted strive to go above and beyond ensuring a great show for all, exhibitors and patrons alike. - Exhibitor

Brilliant from advertising to tickets purchases and updated emails. then a fantastic evening. Congratulations way to go! - Patron

I can not speak highly enough of the team at It's All Sorted. They are professional in every which way and have done such an amazing job for the Geraldton Community. Raising money for fundraising, building networks within the community and supporting small and home based business, they are an absolute asset for Geraldton and I appreciate their all their efforts as do many others!! Thank you ITS ALL SORTED!! - Exhibitor

They provide a wonderful forum for small businesses to be able to showcase their products and services. Every aspect of the events are well thought out and all efforts are made to advertise and promote these wonderful events. The fact that all this is done by volunteers to be able to donate the absolute maximum amount possible to very worthy charities is another wonderful trait. - Exhibitor

Its All Sorted gave us the opportunity to fund raise at one of their events and also made a generous donation to our organisation. - Community Event Beneficiary

I've been an exhibitor at a number of events coordinated by the It's All Sorted Team and they have always been fantastically organised. It's All Sorted do an amazing job with their events and always with a smile on their face. As an exhibitor I also appreciate the time they take to come around during events to make sure you're happy with everything and to check if you're needing anything. - Exhibitor

Regarding our team

Emma Howell is absolutely gorgeous, so great to talk to/deal with & amazing at organising & promoting these events. She is always trying to help home business & charities out whilst providing activities & entertainment for community members. - Patron

Emma Howell has been and is a great ambassador for Geraldton Dog Rescue. Emma has been involved with GDR for several years and has successfully championed GDR and the service provided. Emma is always professional, personable, and resourceful. We are lucky to have Emma looking out for GDR - Community Event Beneficiary

Friendly helpful staff - Patron

All team members are more than deserving! - Exhibitor

Amber Samulkiewicz and team from Woe to Go organized a sensational evening, entertainment, catering and we just couldn't fault it. Thank you, Well done! - Patron

Emma you are an absolute treasure, an asset to the Geraldton Community and such a role model for the younger entrepreneurs. You have so much drive and you always have a smile on your face and willing to help in any way that you can. Thank you for all your hard work in helping my small business through events and Its All Sorted and I look forward to working with the team at the all events this year and beyond. - Exhibitor

Emma Howell is a wonderful person to deal with. She has a way of making you feel at ease and is always willing and able to answer any questions. She has some wonderful ideas and is always trying to improve on your last experience with her. - Exhibitor

Emma Howell has been very supportive in helping us and other community organisations. - Community Event Beneficiary

I don't think I've ever seen Emma without her smile while arranging and doing events, always approachable, she seems to take it all in her stride. It's no wonder the events flow so nicely. - Exhibitor


We have had the pleasure of being an exhibitor at some of the events held by Its All Sorted. We have found the team to be very helpful in deciding where is the best position for our stall and they have even offered ideas for displays. It is great to have a large number (in the hundreds) of people to see what you have to offer in just a few hours. I enjoy the "friendship" that the stall holders have with each other on the day, and it is wonderful to have a day where we show what we have to offer and also raise money for different charities in our own area! Thank you so much!! – Sharon; Daisy Chains Midwest

I have had the absolute pleasure to attend a few events organised by Its All Sorted.  I am always amazed by how organised it is and updates are spot on, the team work hard to raise funds for various charities which also inspires us stall holders too!  I love the atmosphere at these events and feel it brings the town together. I have just launched a new range of handcrafted polymer jewellery and know Emma helped in spreading the word so thank you keep up the good work Its All sorted!! -  Amanda; Amanda's Emporium

My daughter and myself have been stall holders at two events organized by Its All Sorted. They were very professionally run, from keeping us informed every step of the way, to where our stall would be situated on the day. We were always treated with respect and made to feel important and that what we were doing on the day mattered. To ourselves and the community. I would highly recommend them to organize any function or event, no matter how big or small it may be! – Kerry; Let the Light Shine Within

The team at It's All Sorted always do a fantastic job at creating worthwhile and meaningful events. As a vendor I have had amazing success promoting at the events, but the greater rewards are what we are able to bring to the local community and to the cause the event is centred around. I hope to be a part of many more future events, so keep it up guys! – Jane; Pure Romance

The work Its All Sorted does is extremely professional, generous and has great community spirit.  I was very hesitant when Emma first raised the idea of the Midwest Pet Fair to raise money for Geraldton Dog Rescue, but was in absolute awe on the day and with the end result.  She created an amazing event and brought together many small business ventures, government departments and local charity organisations for the benefit of raising funds to help Geraldton Dog Rescue complete their work.  I went to many of the Community Events in 2013, and not only does Its All Sorted raise much needed funds for many charity events, you raise awareness and profiles of many companies/small businesses within the Geraldton Community – and to a small business that is essential for survival.   You are amazing and I thank you so much for your devotion to these community events – you have a talent and passion for community spirit and togetherness and I applaud you for this. I wish you every success for the future. Thanks so much – Anita; patron

The thing that attracted me to exhibiting at the Its All Sorted community events is the philosophy. It’s a win-win situation where we, as exhibitors have a venue to show what we do (marketing) and sales while at the same time helping others – and it doesn’t cost the earth! The events in which I have exhibited have been very well organized and well attended. Well done to Emma and her team. I’ll be there for the next one! – Christiena; HerbTech Australia

Thank you Its All Sorted for the opportunity to be a Stall holder at Fluid Motion. I was very grateful you chose the perfect place for me to give my readings as it needed to be quiet and have the right feeling. It was an exciting day with the other stall holders connecting and the ambience was beautiful. I know you have helped many small businesses and home based businesses get their products and services out to the public so a huge bouquet for you and your team. I look forward to being at many more of your events. – Sue; Orchestra Of Angels

Thank you for such a lovely day Sunday. It was an opportunity for Denise and myself to get our names and business out into the community and we feel this was quite successful. Many Thanks once again. – Kerry; Let the Light Shine Within

Thanks for a great expo today! You did a great job! When is your next one and can I please secure a spot? – Christie; Nature Direct

WOW...WHAT A DAY...Beautiful people and a wonderful crowd...The Belly Dancing ladies were awesome...Zumba ladies inspirational...Drumming and Bowls that sung...And everyone else who put so much effort into a wonderful day... I know we had a great day for a great cause...  A fitting saying for a wonderful event we attended today... “The most important things in life are not things” – Tracey; Hippy Haven

Fantastic event – had a great time :) worth the travel from Perth! – Jane; Pure Romance

This was a great launching pad for my business. Thank you – Joanne; Spellbound Cakes

Great advertising guys! Made it down to Dongara, thanks! – Shelley; Body Shop at Home

Great job to see local businesses promoted in Geraldton – Jasmine; patron

Thank you for having Camp Quality at the Expo you have given Camp Quality some great exposure in Geraldton, thanks heaps! – Steve; Camp Quality

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to promote our business. This even was absolutely definitely worth while to get a new business name out there. – Benjamin; Wow Factor Media